General Upholstery

1954 Bentley R-Type Saloon

1954 Bentley R-Type Saloon.

This unique classic Bentley was a great one to have in the shop whilst we fully restored the interior.

As this is a Bentley, this was not a standard job. This once luxury finish was in great need of a full interior restoration.

We took great care in ensuring this interior was restored back to its former glory.

All materials included in this unique car were imported from England to ensure the high quality was kept.

This job included: seat restored to their original condition, foam work, seats re-trimmed using the highest quality leather, new carpets, head lining, door trims, boot area and side trims and organising all the interior woodwork to be restored to compliment the new interior.



Porsche 911 Full Re-Trim

Porsche 911 Full Re-Trim before and after.

We added a some life and character to this interior!
Dash, Front seats, Rear seats, Carpets, Steering wheel, Dash, Doors, Soft top and more!
Such a great example of a restoration to a beautiful classic car.

Chrysler ST Special

Chrysler ST Special.

This Chrysler one of 4 ever made and is the only one on the road today!
We did some bits and pieces to make this car even more unique than what it already is including diamond stitch padding under the bonnet, carpet to the boot, custom spare wheel cover and more! Was an absolute pleasure having this in our shop!

Holden Commodore VZ Re-trim

This VZ holden we re-trimmed the seats, doors, rear parcel shelf, center console and the gear stick.

We detailed the seats and doors with this diamond stitch.

The front seats we fitted VE GTS foams to the VZ frames

Customer was really happy with the outcome!


Leather Care

Maintaining your leather upholstery with Blackmans Leather Conditioner
We only use automotive grade leather, which means that your vehicle’s interior is easily maintained using Blackmans leather conditioner.

Blackmans Leather is available in a convenient pump bottle and is available in our showroom for purchase. Alternativelty, please call Blackmans for deliveries.

  • 250ML $28.00 ( plus P&H )
  • 500ML $44.00 ( plus P&H )



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